A continuous collaboration to improve quality

Electric Line has been cooperating for years with specialized partners of the industry to provide high-quality and high-technology products.



Production of mechanical and electromechanical components for electronic equipment and in vitro medical-diagnostic devices. GIMA is the group's mechanical division with a thirty year experience in this sector and a qualified staff.

GIMA operates in the mechanical machining field. It offers constant technical support, from product design to its completion, employing dedicated personnel and equipment with high technological and qualitative standards.

The processes include:

  • Cutting, bending and welding, lathing, milling, drilling and threading on a wide range of materials, thickness and sizes.

  • Surface treatments: painting, screen printing and assembly of semi-finished and finished products, according to customer specifications.


  • Gima srl

  • Via Corbellina, 512 - 24045 Fara d'Adda (BG) - Italy     Tel. +39 0363 399282 - Fax +39 0363 399521     www.gima-srl.it - P.IVA 01852980166

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Hardware and software design, production of electronic cards and equipment, the COREL division is sheer electronics.

Its specialties are industrial automation, telecommunications and medical devices. With its cutting-edge equipment it conducts the product up to the final testing.

The processes include:

  • Hardware and software design with micro-controllers and processors.

  • Assembly and management of complete systems.

  • Technical support before and after the sale.

  • Final testing and thermal checks on the product.

  • Corel srl

  • Via Nobile, 6 - 26027 Rivolta d'Adda (CR) - Italy          Tel. +39 0363 370558 - Fax +39 0363 370559          www.gima-srl.it/corel

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