Our uniqueness lies in the details

When crimping operations cannot be carried out automatically, the crimping department, provides support. With more than 20 stations with semi-automatic machines, our team is able to supply a fast and precise service for every customer need.

The main operations are the stripping and crimping of many types of terminals: double, triple, quadruple, chains, micro crimping, bare or pre-insulated ferrules.

We manage to work from 0,14mm2 AWG28 to 6mm2 AWG10 section.




The Komax BT 712 is a precise semi-automatic press brake with great functionality that offers many advantages to the operator.

The software can be operated from a small touchscreen interface. The crimper has an integrated service tool with a data memory for storing up to 500 items, performing backups and uploading updates.

The crimp force analyser supplied detects good and bad wires and provides a detailed description of the errors