Automation and Optimization

Electric Line has also invested in innovative technologies in the warehouse department to solve the intensive storage issues, decrease of picking time and to make the best use of available space.

The three SILO² are the plus of our storage sistem: the multi-column automatic warehouse with translating trays, two sistems with 6 columns and one sistem with 1 column. It represents the fast and inexpensive storage solution for picking and depositing not only medium-small products, but also items with high specific weight, offering capacities adequate to the actual load.



Best price/storage capacity ratio (€/m³)
Storage capacity increase up to 80%
Maximum utilization of horizontal and vertical space
Unprecedented operational continuity and flexibility
Accurate identification, safety and traceability of stored products
High operational ergonomics, safety and comfort for operators


Another solution is the compactable mobile shelving system for heavy loads. It consists of mobile bases on rails driven and controlled by a general electric system. This technology has made it possible to increase the storage capacity by 100% in the same space.



Maximum space utilization and doubled storage capacity
High accessibility of materials
Expandability in time
High resistance to seismic events