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Machine Park Composed of More Than 15 Automatic Units

With 15 automatic units, the cutting department covers a wide range of machining, including the automatic cutting, sheathing, crimping, tinning, insertion of faston covers and grommets. It processes different types of cables from single-core with 0.03 mm2 section to multi-core with max 250 mm2 section.

Main features:

  • Capacity up to 6 cable loading stations simultaneously.
  • Dual device for coupling of cables.
  • Possibility of loading new work programs while the machine is running.


Overview of our best performing models

Samec TSA25E

The TSA25E is one of our electronic cut, strip and unjeckt machine. It can process single, multipolar and flat cables with or without insulators, also carrying out quantity counting, cutting length measurement, peeling and graving without replacing the blades. In addition,this machine allows the automatic marking controlled by a 12-inch colour touch-screen display.


Machinable diameter min. 4 mm - max. 25 mm
Machinable section cable min. 1 mm2 - max. 250 mm2
Machinable length min. 320 mm - max. 500 mt
Transport speed max. 2 mt./sec


Komax Alpha 550

The latest Komax Alpha 550 is a robust machine with high productivity and flexibility equiped with a brand new system of cable transport and stacker.
Main Features:

  • 4 working stations, with new presses, "ACD" system for the automatic and precise control of the stripping
  • Powerful and precise motors on the rotation arms
  • TopWin software for loading new programs while the machine is running
  • Cutting head has double series of blades



Cable insertion speed: Max 12 m/s
Diameter: Max 5.1 mm
Length range: 60 - 65.000 mm
Total thickness: 0.1 - 29.5 mm


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