Team, Expertise and Passion

Electric Line is a reliable partner for the production of electrical and industrial wiring harnesses for every type of application.

Engineering and Manufacturing

Thanks to the R&D department we are able to provide complete assistance to the customer from the design of the functional wiring diagram and the construction of the prototype, to the realization of the end product, evaluating the most appropriate production techniques in each specific situation.

Product Optimization

The open dialogue with the customer allows the optimization of the product, offering valid alternatives in term of materials and production cycle, in order to obtain maximum efficiency along with cost containment.

Logistics Support

Our logistics services:

Material handling by Barcode Technology  ◾  More than 1000 pallet positions  ◾  Company fleet available  ◾  Safety Stocks  ◾  Just-in-time Deliveries  ◾  Kan-Ban System  ◾  Storage of customer's components  ◾  Customized Labels and Packaging  ◾  Contracts with national and international couriers


Our services are all characterised by advanced technologies in every department